The Deaf community needs less labels.

4 thoughts on “The Deaf community needs less labels.”

  1. Unfortunately virtually all these Deaf people with that skillset are not exactly representative of what I believe the grassroots debate is fundamentally about.

    And so said you. We are all grassroots Edan just some tend to think they’re better than others, sadly.

    Then of course we have an opinion on everyone. For example for every person that thinks I am a strong advocate for deaf people there will be one that thinks I am nothing but a shit stirrer.

    And herein lies the problem … We allow our own prejudices and values to cloud our judgement. Even though we may never have worked with someone professionally we take this view that someone is not suitable based on idle gossip and opinions.

    I’ll say again … In the Deaf community … At the grassroots or in the so called elite .. All who are the same … Talent abounds and we are all quite capable of leading ourselves and showing the world what we are all about.

    BUT …to do that we have to put pur own prejudices aside and give ourselves a fair go. We often are our own worst enemy.

    Much love fella.

    1. I think you’ve misinterpreted what I said there.

      What I was alluding to was the fact that these Deaf people who will try to run for that position are nearly never truly inclusive people in the Deaf community. I’ve never taken much stock in gossip (which is why I am asking the questions I have been on Facebook, to get rid of the gossip and find the actual truth) and I don’t judge. I simply watch people and their actions which speak very loudly including what they don’t do. It’s surprisingly informative.

      The one thing I do notice is that the people in the “upper” circles simply do not mix with the working class people which are the vast majority of the Deaf community. Once you go into the corporate world, that seems to be a one way ticket. This is not spoken in spite or envy or even judgment, it simply is.

      I have often found myself in a strangely unique position because through my work I’ve had to work with every single category of the community and interact with them all on a fair, level basis. That’s easy for me to do because I love people, I love learning about their perspective and why they see things in their own ways. And for some reason people understand that I will not repeat what they say so they confide in me.

      What I detest is the mindset of those that have worked their way up to the top. They view everyone as competition because that is the conditioning they receive on that journey and anyone who doesn’t meet their standards is automatically inferior. One rare exception for me would be Brett – that man looks at us with clear eyes – and I have nothing but respect for him. But what do I know, maybe others have a different song to sing.

      Back to the point – what we truly need is a voice of the people, someone universally respected. They don’t need to be loved, no one can truly accomplish that feat, but there is too much elitism in the community. Everyone knows this is true.

      What I would like to see is the community bring itself back together and start supporting each other and working towards a common goal. But that will be covered in another blog. 🙂

      Thank you for the input. Much love right back at’cha, dude.

      1. You said … Deaf people who will try to run for that position are nearly never truly inclusive people ….

        But that is my point … A judgement has been made and even before anyone has been given a chance … That happens in a small community and we sub – consciously are denying opportunities to our own kind based on our own judgement and values .. Is that fair?

        Not taking a pop at you Edan … Just pointing out what happens in a community where everyone knows nearly everyone …

      2. I completely ‘hear’ you there.

        The irony of what you’ve said is that you’re now falling victim to your very own statement by assuming I’m judging. 😉 It never ends does it? I just want to see our leaders TRULY include everyone which I have yet to see. I do realise it’s difficult with such a vast demographic (due to different races and cultural upbringings and so on and forth) but I refuse to believe it’s impossible.

        *hugs* Xxx

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