Gili Air – The Isle of Love

12 thoughts on “Gili Air – The Isle of Love”

  1. Edan. Thank you.
    I have just been reading a book about anxiety and getting a handle on how to live with it in a positive light and blow me down, you have pretty much just reiterated the point.
    May the universe continue to vibrate for you.
    And I look forward to the day we meet again.
    Arohanui ki a koe.
    Janet πŸ™‚ ________________________________

  2. Great to read of your journey and all the people you touched/that touched you along the way!
    Your a great listener.
    Hope to bump into you again one day and get a famous Edan hug 😘
    XO Emily

  3. And that is why I adore you Edan Chapman. You bring us all back to what life should be all about. Thank you ❀️

  4. That was such a brilliant read…I feel as though I am reading your diary…sadly I don’t personally know you but became aware of your creative life force and artistic genius when I studied Auslan a couple of years back and was introduced to your photographic work..I am so glad you share some of your journey here.. Cheers Edan

  5. Oh life. I emailed you suggesting you check out Kyle Cease and your reply and tales of adventure were pure Kyle. Love you boy. X

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